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Our story began when...

Lyam and Annie

Spread a little love.

When I designed the panties and swimwear, I wanted to give my daughter support and love. Love for her, love for diversity and love to be yourself.

I wanted to highlight the incredible journey of transgender people and the ones who surround them and participate in helping transgender people in their everyday life ... to find a solution. Now, I hope pijama or pool parties are a source of fun and happiness, not stress.

That's why, each panty from FIT4U Solutions offers a solution for transgender t-girl & women and help spread a little love… and fun!

Be different and fulfilled

You may only see a simple panty, we actually see the smile of a young girl or a woman.

 A woman who has the opportunity to dress as she wants without having to think about whether her clothes fit well and nothing shows. A girl who has the choice, like every other girl, of a stylish underwear, trendy and with maximum comfort.

A girl who has the freedom to be herself.