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Our story began when...

Annie Boutin, a mom of a trans girl was frustrated she couldn't find comfortable underwear for her trans daughter. So, she decided to make samples out of her house. After a few samples, she found a company specialised in compression garments working in the medical industry. From then on, FIT4U Solutions was born.


Annie started combining sleek shapewear in different colorful palettes in an entirely new way introducing different choices of compression, wider gussets, outside seems for greater comfort. She values thoughtful details that make a difference for comfort, confidence, self-love and freedom.

She debuted 5 versions of Active Fit compression underwear, 3 of Comfort Fit and 1 of Swim Fit. With these different choices of compression, she sparked a revolution in the transgender underwear industry but also made sure her trans daughter was delighted.

Spread a little love.

When I designed the panties and swimwear, I wanted to give my daughter support and love. Love for her, love for diversity and love to be yourself.

I wanted to highlight the incredible journey of transgender people and the ones who surround them and participate in helping transgender people in their everyday life ... to find a solution. Now, I hope pijama or pool parties are a source of fun and happiness, not stress.

That's why, each panty from FIT4U Solutions offers a solution for transgender t-girl & women and help spread a little love… and fun!

Be different and fulfilled

It goes far beyond simple individual well-being. It is about aligning with oneself and also taking care of the LGBTQ2S + community and more particularly transgender people. We create high-quality, versatile panties and swimsuits that accompany you on the path to well-being.

Our panties and swimsuits are made by and for transgender people. Our choices of fabrics, elastics and technologies move with your movements to help you thrive. Everyone is different, we recognize that and we celebrate your distinction. 

My insperation

My insperation

Be different and fufilled